My name is Baillie Rorie, I am 20  years old and I come from Kirkwall, a small town located on the Mainland of the Orkney Isles. 

When I left school I went to sea as a commercial fisherman where I mainly caught crab and lobster using pots which we left on the seabed. I also spent some time working for a local marine supplier where I learnt many of the skills I use in the day to day running of R & P.  

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My Story

I founded R & P Networks in the summer of  2021 with visions of funning my online Crypto portfolio through the company but before long the company expanded and I took on my friend Gavin Pirie as the second director and shareholder of the company so I could utilise his wealth of knowledge in the technology and online space.

After some time, as company we found our feet where we began to dive into our biggest most successful project to date which is CCTV and Monitoring Cameras. This project became very successful and still continues to be our main earner in the company.

As a company we take great pride in customer service and aim to ALWAYS be honest and transparent with our customers. Our goal is to give you a stress free experience while carrying out the highest level of work possible for you.

Before I go i would like to take this opportunity to senscerily thank you for taking the time to come on and have a look at our website and I do hope we can do business in the future. 

All the best 

Baillie Rorie