My name is Gavin Pirie. I am 22 years old and I come from Toab which is located in the East Mainland on  the Orkney Islands. 

I come from a farming background which has also became my full time job as an agricultural contractor since I left school.

My Story

I joined R & P Networks in the autumn of  2021 when I was asked by Baillie to come and join the team as a share holder and director of the company.


When I first joined the company we were unsure what direction the business would take and what this could turn into but things naturally progressed and we quickly found our feet. 

My knowledge in the technology space provided us as a company, the opportunity to get involved in several projects such as our main focus in the business, CCTV and monitoring cameras. 

I am truly excited at the progress we have made. Looking forward into the future of R & P Networks I see lots of potential for us to grow as a team and as a company and I look forward to being part of that growth. With an ever growing customer and supplier base I see new opportunities revealing themselves all the time and can't wait to expand the company further.